Every year, De Jong Packaging produces many tens of millions of corrugated board trays for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. If you have your own tray erector and you wish to erect these trays yourself in-house, they will be delivered to you flat packed. This will often involve tray erectors that we have delivered to you and which we maintain. However, many of our Fresh Produce customers either do not have their own tray erectors, or do not have the machines to erect all sizes of trays that are used. In those cases, De Jong Packaging can also supply the erected trays.

As soon as we receive your order for erected trays, we will set to work on your behalf with your flat packed trays. Dozens of modern tray erectors are ready in the various modern industrial spaces in De Lier to erect, glue and stack all sorts of Fresh Produce trays, both solid board and corrugated board, on your behalf, to produce ready-to-use and stackable Fresh Produce trays. These tray erectors are operated by our own staff who have undergone thorough training and who are extremely experienced. The trays that are erected in this way are placed on pallets situated immediately behind the machines, are placed in one of the many loading bays to then be delivered according to the just-in-time principle to Fresh Produce users throughout the Netherlands using our own trucks. The advantage of our erection service is that you can always package your Fresh Produce products where and when you please.