In close consultation with you, De Jong Packaging designs bespoke corrugated board trays and American folding boxes, the main consideration being the ability to transport your own products without damaging them. The ideal tray consists of a combination of the transport and stacking function that you require, the required product protection, and optimal manufacturability of your corrugated board trays on our machines. We manufacture all corrugated board trays totally in-house on our corrugated board machinery, and we supply these to you directly.


We specialise in the design and production of strong corrugated board trays and American folding boxes which are produced using double-fluted corrugated board that is made from strong paper types. In advance, this construction will significantly reduce the potential risk of damage during the transport of your packaged products. You can choose between unprinted or printed corrugated board trays, but if you wish to ensure optimum point-of-sale presentation of your branded products to your customers through the corrugated board packaging, we also offer you the option of having the sharpest possible photographs printed onto your packaging (your brand, your packaged product, a use). A perfect product - your product - deserves perfect packaging!