De Jong Packaging came into existence when, in 1995, at his own market gardening company in the Hoeksche Waard, Henk de Jong started to produce the corrugated board packaging that his company required for its market garden produce. His packaged products would subsequently be sold to the retail trade and to exporters. He therefore went from being a user of packaging to a manufacturer of packaging.

This background means that, better than anyone, he understands the importance of being able to have a say about the packaged Fresh Produce (potatoes, vegetables and fruit) products that you, as a grower and trader, have to fully endorse every single day. His next step was to procure the paper that was required, he designed and improved many types of packaging, he improved the inventory management system and the required delivery periods – and stripped all the frills from the entire process.

All of this resulted in De Jong Packaging developing into the market leader in the area of corrugated board and solid cardboard for the Fresh Produce sector. The company has 350 employees who, in De Lier, produce no less than 500 million corrugated board packages each year. The company, which is the only independent corrugated board manufacturer in the Netherlands, has a full complement of machinery, from corrugated board machinery to processing machines, which manufacture a wide selection of packaging. The company is the market leader in corrugated board packaging in the Dutch market gardening sector, but it also already has a large share of the industrial packaging market, and supplies to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England and France.

De Jong Packaging's basic premise is: there is no such word as ‘no’. Our Fresh Produce customers in the market gardening sector have to package goods, and we therefore always supply to them. From early in the morning until late in the evening, and on Saturdays too. Not only do we supply the packaging, but also the corresponding packaging machines and the servicing. At any time of the day, more than 20 million packaging units are ready to be supplied from stock using our own trucks - and if required we can supply to our Fresh Produce customers within 24 hours. De Jong Packaging is the natural supplier for Fresh Produce businesses that wish to purchase their corrugated board packaging directly from the source and from a Dutch manufacturer. But then without unnecessary costs and with no frills attached.