To deliver your packaging, De Jong Packaging uses dozens of it’s own vehicles, driven by our own experienced drivers. This means that we continually have our own extensive transport capacity for on time delivery of your packaging. It is no wonder that we can deliver within 24 hours! Our own dispatch department will consult with you to determine when, how and where you would like your packaging to be delivered to you.

The advantage of this fully in-house management of the delivery of your packaging is that we are able to deliver no less than 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday! And should you require, through necessity, we can deliver to you within 24 hours! We therefore emphatically do not consider logistics to be an unnecessary frill, or a cost item. To the contrary, our logistics service, 6 days a week, using our own people, is one of our greatest strengths. The advantage for you is that you will always be able to supply your customers with your products when they want them!