At De Jong Packaging you have an immense choice between manual and automatically erectable corrugated board trays, but you can also choose us as the supplier of your tray erector and the accompanying in-house servicing for this machine. In addition to our packaging, we also sell top-quality tray erectors, of the brand Boix, and this extensive range of machines means there is always a bespoke solution available to you. Many hundreds of these machines have already been in use for many years.

Through the combination of a supplier of the corrugated board trays, supplier of the tray erector and supplier of the servicing required by the machine, the advantage to you is that you have a single point of contact for the erecting part of your packaging line, whilst you still buy your packaging directly from the production source! If you require, we would also be happy to work alongside your existing supplier and integrator of your packaging line.

Perhaps you would like to erect corrugated board trays automatically, but now is not the right time to invest in an automatic tray erector. If so, we will buy the tray erector that you require and will install the machine in your production line. You would then pay for the machine as part of the price of our corrugated board trays. This means you would have an automatic erecting line at your disposal for your trays, but you would not have an expensive tray erector on your company balance sheet. Neither buying, hiring or leasing the aforementioned machines would be a problem for us. You decide. No unnecessary costs and no unnecessary frills. That is De Jong Packaging's formula for success.