Cardboard factory

Cardboard factory in De Lier

The largest cardboard factory in the Benelux is located in De Lier in the Netherlands. We have a modern and high-quality machine park. De Jong Verpakking has two corrugators and sixteen processing machines. Our operators use this to print, glue and punch all types and sizes of corrugated cardboard trays and boxes. We are specialists in the production of various types of corrugated cardboard, the use of sturdy cardboard for transport packaging and the application of pre-printed preprint paper. Our factory, in the middle of the Westland region, has a production and storage space of 100,000 m2. Next to this, we are currently expanding our factory.

Corrugated cardboard from our own factory

The cardboard product you ordered comes to us directly from our machines in our cardboard factory. That starts with our own corrugators in the heart of our factory! We supply both unprinted and printed boxes. Every day we produce approximately 2.5 million items in De Lier. In addition, we are the only carton factory that can make your box within 5 days and deliver it from stock within 24 hours. We keep no fewer than 30 million corrugated cardboard packaging in stock within our range as standard.

Manufacturing process

Production starts with the delivery of large rolls of paper. Many trucks with recycled and fresh paper arrive every day from various paper factories. You can also choose between white and brown paper. After short storage, the rolls are used in our corrugated board machines. Several rolls are glued together, with the inner roll being processed into a flute. You can make corrugated cardboard with 3 layers of paper. With an extra layer of paper and an extra flute you can produce double corrugated board. Optionally, the outer layer can be replaced by preprint, so that the corrugated board is produced with pre-printed paper. These large plates are then processed into the specific boxes. They are punched and printed on our processing machines as a blank for the fresh produce market. These boxes are printed, punched and glued for the industrial market. After the packages have been palletised, they are delivered directly to the customer, they are temporarily stored or transferred to one of our erecting locations. With this erecting service, the blanks are erected into trays that are ready to use for packaging.

Take advantage of a fast delivery

What kind of carton would you like to order from our factory? And do you want to receive it unprinted or printed? Let us know your wishes by contacting us. You can reach us on +31 (0)186 573 990. You can also send an e-mail to or fill in the online contact form. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us in one of these ways.