De Jong Packaging exists since 1996. We are of course very proud of that, but how have we grown into the largest corrugated board factory in Europe in just over 25 years?

Historie Westerlee

Before 1996

Henk de Jong is an open-field gardener and grows, among other things, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and cauliflower.

First boxes De Jong


De Jong Packaging is founded by Henk de Jong. He took the knowledge that he had gained himself as a consumer of packaging to his new company, because he knows better than anyone what the needs and wishes of the customer are. The corrugated cardboard packaging was an immediate success and more and more gardeners wanted to package their products in this way from now on. This resulted in De Jong Packaging, where the cardboard plates were still purchased at the time, there were only 3 erecting machines and one truck drove around. The driver of this truck was Henk de Jong himself.



Because there was an increasing demand for Henk's boxes, it was decided to purchase its own punching and printing machine after the growth in the number of erecting machines in 2002.

Od boxes


In 2006 the production location in Westmaas had become too small and De Jong Packaging moved to its current location in De Lier. A location that could handle the growth and also in the middle of the largest horticultural area in Europe. Despite the new location, the corrugated board sheets were still purchased from other factories.

Corrugator De Jong


Because De Jong Packaging did not want to be dependent on third parties and thus could better respond to changes and wishes of the customer, it was decided to purchase its own corrugator. A machine more than 100 meters long was put into use in 2007, enabling De Jong Packaging to produce its own corrugated board.



The now considerably expanded machine park was mainly equipped in 2009 for making fresh produce packaging, but in order to better serve the industry market, it was decided to install a new casemaker in 2009. This machine is more focused on the production of the boxes for the industrial market. As an example, you can think of the moving boxes that everyone has had in their hands at one point or another. But these boxes are also used for packing flowers, plants, fish, eggs, vacuum cleaners and many other products.

2011 De Lier


After production has already taken place entirely in De Lier, the erecting center and the offices are now also moving to the new building in De Lier.



Production was completely filled in 2015. That is why we are starting with extensions and automation. The transport within the production is automated and a second corrugator is built.



In 2018 Rudico and the German factory Gaster Wellpappe are taken over. From this moment on, De Jong Packaging can also produce its own preprint and 2 production locations will be added in Germany.



Bangma Packaging is taken over in Flevoland. In addition, an English factory eCorrugated is also being added to the De Jong group and the company is therefore growing more and more internationally.



This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary and the paper mill DJP - De Hoop is part of the group now.



We are building our second corrugated factory next to the current one.