Shoppers are making more frequent visits to supermarkets, but spend less time in there. As a brand, you just have a very short time to gain the attention of the shopper. When you finally have got the attention of the shopper, you have to persuade them to buy your item. Most of this is done subconsciously, with shoppers acting because of what they see in front of them.

Supermarket chains such as Aldi and Lidl use preprint, a lot, to give the products a good premium appearance in their stores and draw shopper’s attention. When you can print up to eight colours plus varnish you can achieve almost anything in print, including photos. The varnish gives your brand the extra attention it deserves and when you can print in such a high quality, you can compete with all HQ printers available in the market with a higher standard in printing.


De Jong Packaging entered the UK market in 2015. From the biggest factory in Europe, close to Hook of Holland, they deliver about 300 loads every day and the percentage coming into the UK is increasing every month.

De Jong Packaging, focusses on preprint in the UK, because it is a part of the industry where the company can bring added value. The experience the company built up in the last decades, helps to offer the best solutions for the customers. In Germany, home country of Aldi and Lidl where De Jong Packaging delivers a big share of their products, preprint is the standard in SRP and RRP. Many items you find in the supermarkets have the glossy look to make it more attractive. Now it’s our goal to convince the UK supermarkets to do the same, because it brings added value.

When you walk around in the factory, you feel it’s enormous. With two state of the art corrugators and 16 processing machines the company produces 600 million boxes per annum. About 35% of the boxes are in preprint, we manufacture these printed reels in our other Felco facility ready to be converted on site.


The warehouse has a stock level of 25 million cases at any given time, which can compare with the annual output of a typical sheet plant in the UK. And whether you are based in Bavaria or Cornwall, the company has daily deliveries to every destination to supply your goods.

Improvement of sales is a wish for every company. How do we achieve this? De Jong Packaging offers a solution with preprint to draw attention to your product. The varnish can give your brand the shine it needs.