Custom cardboard displays

At De Jong Packaging we supply a lot of display cardboard packaging. Of course we can also print these displays. Display cartons are widely used in retail. The products are packed in the display boxes and placed in the stores as SRP or RRP. To stand out, you naturally want your display cardboard to stand out, which is why you can also print display cardboard at De Jong Verpakking. In our factory we run 2,5 million boxes per day, both printed and unprinted.

stackable boxes

Fresh produce tray

Many fresh products that are grown in the Netherlands or that enter the Netherlands through the trading houses are offered in the supermarkets in display packaging. These display packaging is filled with the products. At the horticulturist, grower or packer, the products are already placed in the printed display cartons and the display packaging is only removed once the product has been sold. They are the well-known cardboard packaging that you see in supermarkets or on the local market. Display cardboard can be printed with a black color, but also with many striking colours. That depends on the purpose of the packaging. Unprinted display cartons are of course also an option. The big advantage of cardboard is that it can easily be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

display packaging

SRP and RRP display printing

Shelf Ready Packaging or Retail Ready Packaging are display packaging that goes on the shelf with products. The advantage of this is that there is no need for a separate shipping box. These display boxes are often provided with a striking print. In this way, display cardboard stands out well and the printing helps with higher sales.

Tray or box erector

It is also possible to automatically fill and close the printed display boxes. To do this, you use an erecting machine that folds the printed display cartons and then fills them with your products. At De Jong Packaging we also supply these erecting machines and the combination of a cardboard supplier combined with a machine supplier means that you have one point of contact for all your packaging.