Fefco 0201 boxes

Fefco 0201 boxes are probably one of the most common and economical boxes that exist. These boxes can easily be fold and the bottom and top flaps only need some tape to close the box. Hand holes make the boxes easy to hold. Do you need Fefco 0201 boxes, but can’t you find a suitable supplier? Well, you have now. De Jong Packaging is your manufacturer and supplier of the boxes you need.

Safe transport guaranteed with Fefco 0201 boxes

De Jong Packaging is a supplier of in-house produced corrugated boxes. We produce them in our own production department that is provided with professional packaging machines. We manufacture boxes, such as Fefco 0201 boxes and other folding and corrugated board boxes, for the international market. We can deliver your boxes in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Germany and Ireland. Our main goal is to make a safe storage and transport of your products possible, by producing the packaging you need. In our opinion, the best products (your products) deserve the best packaging.

folding box

Storage of your Fefco 0201 boxes

Have you ordered Fefco 0201 boxes at De Jong Packaging, but is it impossible to store them yourself? We have the solution! We can keep your boxes until you need them. Just give us a sign and we will deliver them within 24 hours. Do you need more information about our boxes our services? Do not hesitate and call +31(0) 186 573 990.