Folding box

Are you looking for corrugated cardboard folding boxes to safely pack, store or transport products? At De Jong Packaging you will find what you are looking for. Folding boxes are packaging glued by us that can be quickly erected, opened, filled and closed. You choose the packaging of your product from many dozens of models and types of folding boxes. So there is always a folding box for your specific needs. Have you chosen the right construction and the right size for the folding boxes? Then we will produce these for you on our machines in our corrugated factory in De Lier in The Netherlands.

folding box

Discover the versatility of folding boxes

Folding boxes are used for many purposes. If you want to send your products as cheaply as possible, you can opt for a blank box made from recycled paper. But should the products stand out? Then it is better to choose a folding box made of white paper and print this packaging. In this case, it is precisely the folding box that communicates a clear and strong brand to all possible buyers in the supermarket or on the road with the delivery person through the beautiful printing. With the right perforation, the box can be used as transport packaging and then easily opened in the store as RRP or SRP. If you use the folding box as a shipping box, you can also use it to print a manual or to persuade children to use the corrugated boxes as toys. How nice is it to see your packaging on Facebook or Instagram.

Suitable for different products

Folding boxes are suitable for packaging an endless amount of products. Due to this versatility, corrugated cardboard folding boxes are the most commonly used packaging for the general packaging market and industry. You can have us design a custom folding box. We produce your folding boxes in the desired quantities. In addition, we also sell or rent the associated erecting machines and box sealers.


Have the folding box printed as desired

You also have the option of having the folding box printed with us. Do you want packaging with a specific logo? Do you have your own design or image for the box? The possibilities are endless. Tell us what the ideal packaging looks like for you and we will get to work. Because we print the packaging ourselves, we can help with all technical specifications and possibilities in production.

Order folding boxes at De Jong Packaging

Do you want to order folding boxes? Or do you first have questions about the possibilities? In both cases, please contact our specialists. We can be reached by telephone on +31 (0)174 870 032. You can also send an e-mail to or use the online contact form. We are happy to help you order the right folding boxes.