Moving boxes

Moving box

Moving boxes are a great way to store and transport your products. Corrugated moving boxes from De Jong Packaging are sustainable and being made in a high board grade. Because we are a specialist in double flutes, we can deliver the strongest moving boxes you would like. Whether you want them printed or plain, it is all up to you. For printed boxes you can choose between post print and preprint, which gives a very high appearance with a maximum of 8 colours and varnish. Available in different dimensions, we have moving boxes in stock in our Twinpack warehouse or can make them bespoke your wishes. Moving boxes have a special construction with a special folding partition that gives the moving boxes a reinforced base. In this way you can easily pack and move your products.

Order recyclable, solid and FSC® certificated boxes at international supplier

De Jong Packaging is the biggest corrugated factory in Europe. Every day we produce 2,5 million boxes. All of those boxes are made of 100% FSC certified papers and more than 80% is recycled. From De Lier (NL) we supply moving boxes to the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and France. In our corrugated factory we focus on sustainability. On our factory roof we have 10,000 sqm of solar panels and we have an own water sanitation. All our inks are waterbased and of course corrugated is 100% renewable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. We also have a csr document for you available.


Our sizable storage area

At De Jong Packaging, we have a large storage area. We not only use this space for our own stock, we also make it possible for our clients to keep their boxes here. Have you ordered a lot of boxes at our company, but can’t you storage them yourself? We will preserve them in our own stock until you really need them. In that case, just give us a sign and we will deliver them within 24 hours in The Netherlands. Do you have any questions? Please call +44 (0)1732 608007.