Shipping boxes

The classic shipping boxes are used to send many different products. Made of corrugated cardboard, they are available in various constructions in almost any size so that you can send candy, flowers, clothing, but even refrigerators. Every day we produce hundreds of thousands of shipping boxes, so there is a good chance that we can also make your packaging.

Printing shipping boxes

The standard brown or white boxes are of course always practical, but if you are looking for shipping boxes with your own logo printed on them, we can tailor them to you. With a large machine park with 16 processing machines, we can print up to 5 colors. With preprint paper it is even possible to print up to 8 colors with varnish, so that beautiful photography is possible on your corrugated cardboard shipping packaging. The boxes with the most beautiful prints even end up on YouTube in the well-known unboxing videos. De Jong Packaging is the right place for you if you want to have custom shipping boxes made with a print in your own taste.
Satco box De Jong Packaging

Different types of shipping boxes

You can order a wide range of shipping boxes at De Jong Packaging. These are made of corrugated cardboard and come in white or brown as standard. The packages can of course also be printed as discussed above. The best known types of shipping boxes are:

  • Fefco 0201
  • Letterboxes
  • Postal boxes

The difference between these different types of boxes is the construction. Common constructions are included in the Fefco manual. In this standardized manual a code has been assigned to these packaging, so that you must get the same packaging from every supplier. Fefco 0201 are the most common boxes. They are the well-known boxes with flaps at the top and bottom that you have to seal with tape. If it is a box with no top flaps, it is called a Fefco 0200. Those boxes can be delivered with or without holes and handholes.

Fefco 0201


As the name implies, these are boxes that fit exactly through the letterbox. If you send small packages, this is a good solution, because the postage costs are lower. The postman can put these letterbox boxes in the letterbox in no time. PostNL has a maximum size of 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm that they use for letterbox packages. This is larger than a standard A4 and therefore practical for a large part of all shipping boxes that are used on a daily basis. They are easy to fold and take up little space. You don’t have to tape these either, making it a quick and practical solution. Of course these are available in different sizes and colors. If you want to print the letterbox boxes with your logo or a standard message for the postman, that is of course also possible.

Postal boxes

Postal boxes or courier boxes are in between the Fefco 0201 boxes and letterboxes. These must also be folded together and do not  need tape. Because they are larger, you can also send multiple articles from your webshop. Or when the goods are larger, this will of course also fit. Because we do not like to send empty space, we can produce it specially made to fit. We then make the corrugated cardboard exactly to size for your packaging. If you want to have these mailboxes printed, that is also possible. This way, the packaging is easily recognizable in the mail and you can use it as advertising material.

High quality shipping boxes

Shipping boxes are available in many different board grades. The right board grade is not automatically the strongest board grade. If you are looking for a corrugated cardboard shipping box for sending 25 kg potatoes, then you need different corrugated cardboard than for sending a 200 gram T-shirt. It sometimes sounds very logical, but in practice there is a lot of confusion. In addition to weight, the best board grade also depends on many other factors such as transport, distance and storage. You can imagine that a box sent to Australia by sea container must be stronger than a letterbox box sent from Colchester to London. That is why it is difficult to describe what the correct board grade is. The budget is of course also important and a stronger box will always be more expensive than a less strong box. We like to take the time for good advice. Please contact us for this. In our blog “How do you make corrugated cardboard?” you can read more about this.

Fast deliveries

We can deliver our packaging that we have in stock within 24 hours. For this we have a transport department with more than 50 of our own trucks. If we do not have your packaging in stock, we will make these boxes to measure for you and we will agree when we will deliver them.

Largest corrugated board factory in Europe

Our corrugated board factory in De Lier is the largest in Europe. Every day we produce about 2.5 million packages. As the demand for corrugated cardboard boxes continues to increase, we will also expand our factory even further. This way we will soon be able to make and deliver even more shipping boxes. We deliver the shipping boxes in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Kartonage De Jong

Order your shipping boxes

We make almost all shipping boxes specially tailored for our customers. We have a wide standard range for the fruit and vegetable market. If you are looking for a standard shipping box in stock, the Dutch Twinpack and Bangma web shops are a good choice with a wide range and fast deliveries. For example, they offer the Fefco 0201, letterboxes and postal boxes in various sizes and in different board grades. Are you looking for custom shipping boxes and made especially for you? Please contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1732 608007 or use the contact form so that we can discuss the options for your shipping boxes.