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De Jong Packaging focuses on sustainability with the production of corrugated boxes

16 May 2019 Dutch consumers are becoming more aware of themes like climate change, sustainability and pollution. An ABN Amro investigation shows that 54% of the Dutch consumers are willing to buy more sustainable products and 86% would do this because of the environment. “This trend is visible in packaging as well. Ecological and sustainable packaging are important and corrugated helps, because it is 100% renewable, 100% recyclable and 100% circular”, tells Raymond Segers, marketer at De Jong Packaging.

Raymond Segers notices the movement to corrugated packaging in many companies. And with this growth the demand to a personal, no nonsense supplier of corrugated boxes which can deliver in 5-10 working days. Segers: “We are the only independent supplier in The Netherlands of corrugated boxes. We manufacture and supply the printed, preprinted or plain boxes to our customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and Ireland.

The successful way of working of De Jong Packaging is based on “no is not an answer”. Our customers have to pack their products and for this they need our boxes. The tomatoes, peppers, fish, eggs or other products can’t wait for weeks to be transported to the supermarkets. This customer based approach asks for a transparent communication in sustainability. For this reason the company published a CSR document on their website. In this document everyone can see what De Jong Packaging does with People, Planet and Profit.

Raymond Segers: “De Jong Packaging has a FSC® certification, that guarantees responsible forest management. With the Ecostars audit we had a 4 star evaluation. With this sustainable audit in transport, they check all our transport activities, including fleet ownership, training and planning. The Ecostars feedback was that we own a very nice and clean fleet of trucks and that we do a good job in training our people. And that was before we received 9 new Euro 6 trucks in April this year.

Sustainability for De Jong Packaging doesn’t end in corrugated, the production of boxes and trucks. On the production halls it has 30.000 sqm of solar panels. The solar panels produce a yearly power of 1,2 million Kwh. This power is being used in the production of the 600 million corrugated boxes and trays the company manufactures every year.

Zonnepanelen De LierSolar panels in De Lier (NL)

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