Durability and four other benefits of corrugated cardboard folding boxes

7 October 2020 We have been trying to reduce the use of plastics for some time now. But the European Plastics Pact is the first time that so many different parties, from retailers and manufacturers to governments, are jointly committed to plastic reduction on a European scale. The most commonly used alternative in the packaging industry is corrugated cardboard folding boxes. These are sustainable, organic and made from renewable raw materials. In addition to sustainability, (corrugated cardboard) folding boxes have even more advantages.

As an organization you cannot avoid questions about your ecological footprint. What do you use of the planet and what do you give back? It is as challenging as it is necessary to find the right balance here. Fortunately, there is a lot to be gained from packaging by replacing plastic with corrugated cardboard folding boxes. These folding boxes are 100% recyclable and part of a closed cycle. Moreover, you can kill several birds with one stone, because corrugated cardboard folding boxes have many more advantages. We name four:

1. Cardboard folding boxes protect your products

Fresh foods like fish, eggs, bread, rice and cold cuts usually travel many miles before arriving at your local supermarket. Suppliers must watch out for damage when carriers and retailers distribute the products. At the same time, consumers are questioning unnecessary plastic packaging. For these reasons, corrugated cardboard folding boxes have become the preferred packaging for the transportation of these foodstuffs. Moreover, these packaging are extremely suitable for recycling, which discourages reuse. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

2. Printing folding boxes is a piece of cake

In a previous blog, we already mentioned the importance of personalized packaging and how it can contribute to the brand experience. Fortunately, customizing folding boxes is a piece of cake. By means of preprint, which uses pre-printed paper, you can place razor-sharp images on your packaging in no less than eight different colors. Because the print is provided with a layer of lacquer, the display packaging remains clearly visible. The alternative is to print folding boxes based on postprint flexo with a maximum of five colors. Do you prefer to keep it simple? Then you can always opt for unprinted folding boxes in the colors brown or white.

Satco box De Jong Packaging

3. So many folding boxes, so many functions

Cardboard boxes come in all shapes and sizes. We all know the moving box, the shoe box and the matchbox. These classic examples show the many functionalities of the cardboard box: you can store, ship or package products in it. You can use a folding box for storage of materials in a warehouse or as a shipping box for the parcel service. Postal or flap boxes also serve a shipping purpose, but are also very popular as packaging for business gifts. This versatility makes corrugated cardboard folding boxes the most widely used packaging for the general packaging market and industry. Let’s just say, a box fits on every jar.

4. Corrugated cardboard contributes to your commercial objectives

The consumer is sensitive to visual stimuli. Does packaging look attractive? Then there is a good chance that he will be preferred over his gray neighbor. This has to do with the design and printing, of course, but just as much with the packaging material. Products presented in corrugated cardboard folding boxes sell up to fourteen percent more than products in plastic crates. If financial arguments hinder the transition from plastic to corrugated board, this is the correct counter-argument. This way all shareholders are satisfied; whether they are concerned with sustainability or commercial goals.

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