New Mercedes Actros

13 July 2021 A new Mercedes Actros was delivered to us in De Lier on Friday 2 July. This new truck is equipped with the latest safety options.

Mercedes-Benz Maasdijk has delivered this beautiful Actros combi. The truck is equipped with the beautiful and unique safety systems: Side Guard Assist, Active Brake Assist 5 and of course MirrorCams. On the outside, this is noticeable, for example, because of the missing mirrors. The cameras now provide an even better view around the truck.


The body has been converted and, together with the trailer, has been well taken care of and looks like new again. The appearance has been slightly adjusted due to the length of the combi, but fits very well in the style of the blue and white trucks from De Jong Verpakking.

Gregorz Puszkar received the keys to his new Actros from COO Dick Schep. Gregorz started at De Jong Verpakking as an internal driver and has been driving as a driver throughout the Netherlands for 2 years now. This is of course even more fun with this new Mercedes truck and he is very proud to be able to drive this latest addition. We wish Gregorz many safe kilometers with this beautiful combination!


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