16 January 2020 Sustainable entrepreneurship is an important trend to protect the world. We express the corporate social responsibility guideline in the 3 Ps: People, Planet and Profit. Through the harmony between these three elements, De Jong Packaging contributes to a sustainable world with a financially healthy company.

Raw materials are finite and exhaustible. “The circular economy is a principle that assumes that as many of the residual materials as possible are reused and that energy is produced by natural sources such as water, wind and sun. Because a full circular economy is not possible, the objective is to prevent as much value destruction as possible in order to preserve our valuable raw materials as much as possible. ”

De Jong Packaging tries to contribute to the circular economy. “This is to produce corrugated cardboard in the most sustainable way possible, to use our energy efficiently and to produce energy ourselves in the most natural way possible. De Jong Packaging has a number of measures to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. ”

By planning optimally, De Jong Packaging ensures that the 56 trucks have to travel as few kilometers as possible. “Our drivers are trained to drive as efficiently as possible. De Jong Packaging has several set-up locations to fold the blanks (unfolded corrugated cardboard) in the Netherlands, Belgium and England, making transport more efficient. In the factory we operate as energy-neutral as possible; we have 30,000 m2 of solar panels. We buy green energy that we cannot generate ourselves. In addition, we only use energy-efficient LED lighting. Due to far-reaching automation, fewer forklifts are required and the forklifts that we use are mostly electric. We are using lighter types of paper where possible, to save weight and therefore transport. Residual waste is collected and returned to the paper factory, which can then use it as raw material for new corrugated cardboard. In addition, all waste materials are recycled. The cooling water that is used in the factory is (re) used as raw material for the glue.”

De Jong Packaging is involved with its employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. “With two corrugated cardboard machines and sixteen processing machines, De Jong Packaging annually processes 360,000,000 m2 of corrugated cardboard into trays, blanks, sheets and boxes for the European market. For comparison: that is more than the surface of Rotterdam. You can imagine that producing 360 million square meters of corrugated cardboard involves quite a bit. We ensure a safe and pleasant working environment and want a long and lasting relationship with our people. ”

De Jong Packaging ensures that employees are rewarded for the work they do. “The intention is to enter into a sustainable relationship and to convert temporary contracts into permanent contracts. We encourage our people to grow within our organization by, among other things, offering professional training. In this way we keep talent and knowledge on board and we ensure that people remain motivated. Safety is of course one of our highest priorities; a safety expert and SHEQ manager are constantly working to ensure the safety of our employees and to improve safety processes. Because walkways have been installed throughout the building, employees and visitors no longer have to walk past the machines. We involve local residents in our plans. For example, guided tours are given and if there is a renovation, we inform local residents personally. We sponsor various domestic local activities and organizations that are active in sports, culture, charities and art. We are also active outside the Netherlands with social projects that contribute to a better living environment. ”

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