What are the benefits of fanfold?

14 March 2023 The e-commerce market is a fast growing market where efficiency is an important factor. In order to respond as well as possible to these interests, De Jong Packaging will start producing Fanfold in 2023.

Fanfold  is a method in which cardboard is folded in a zigzag pattern and then made into a custom box for a product. Fanfold offers numerous advantages over traditional packaging methods, and it seems to be growing in popularity in the e-commerce world.

The benefits

One of the main benefits of fanfold is cost savings. It is an extremely efficient way of packaging products, because less material and less space is needed to make, store and transport the boxes. This can make a big difference to companies that ship large volumes of products.

Another advantage of fanfold cardboard is that it can be easily adapted to different product sizes and shapes. The zigzag pattern can be adapted to the size and shape of the product, making it a very versatile packaging method. This also makes it easier to pack and ship, as the boxes are neither too big nor too small for the product they contain.

At De Jong Packaging you can also choose to print your boxes. This is possible through our preprint paper. This will give your boxes a nice and personal design.


Fanfold is also better for the environment than traditional packaging methods. Less cardboard is used, which results in less waste. In addition, at De Jong Packaging we use FSC-certified paper, which also helps to make the material more sustainable.

To sum it up, it looks like fanfold packaging will become the way of packaging in the future of e-commerce. It offers cost savings, efficiency, versatility and is better for the environment than traditional packaging methods. Companies that focus on sustainability and efficiency are likely to increasingly use fanfold packaging in their fulfillment processes.


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