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We have daily deliveries. In the Netherlands we can deliver within 24 hours.

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Always 30 million items in stock for our customers

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We are the only independent corrugated manufacturer in the Netherlands. Preprint is based on a flexographic printing technique whereby paper reels are printed before they are being used on our corrugators. With this procedure you can achieve a higher quality of printing up to 8 colours and varnish. We have an inhouse preprint paper machine, so print the paper reels ourselves.

In case you need preprint printed packaging, then De Jong Packaging is the manufacturer and supplier you are looking for. The preprint paper can be finished with a varnish, which gives the box a better look and feel. We make preprint printed packaging but are also able to produce unprinted or post printed boxes. Which type has your preference? Please, let us know! We are more than willing to produce the boxes with which you can guarantee a safe transport of your products.

Preprint packaging with the sharpest photographs possible

De Jong Packaging is an international supplier of corrugated boxes. We deliver our in-house produced to customers in European countries such as UK, Germany, Belgium and France. Our employees find it important to produce high-quality boxes that meet the needs of our customers, but also like to maintain a customer-oriented approach. This means, among others, that we always have direct and personal contact with our clients and also deliver orders very fast (within 24 hours if we have everything in stock). Do you order preprint boxes? De Jong Packaging will deliver boxes that are provided with the sharpest photographs available. We make sure that your brand or packaged product will be perfectly presented. Would you like to order preprint printed packaging at De Jong Packaging? We would like to hear that from you. Please call +44 (0)1732 608007.