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Products overview

The corrugated products of De Jong Packaging give the optimal protection to your products. We can deliver trays, Fefco 0201 boxes, including solid board and all kind of boxes with perforations for both the fresh produce and industry market. If you would like your own design or print, that is no problem for us. Our corrugated boxes are strong and sustainable, and our paper is FSC certified paper.

Zwarte tray FC85105

Fresh Produce

Corrugated trays and fefco 0201 boxes give your products the protection they need, in storage and transport, Also when stacking the products the trays of De Jong Packaging will be the perfect solution. De Jong Packaging designs and runs the boxes in the own factory. We can deliver from stock or run your own products especially for you.

Maatwerk De Jong Verpakking

Custom made

You are looking for Fefco 0201 boxes or corrugated boxes with special dimensions or your own design. Or you would like to have your own high quality preprint boxes? De Jong Packaging can help you with this. We design and run the production in our own factory.

Zwarte deksel De Jong Verpakking FC87078

Solid board

Solid board gives your humid products the protection they need. When packing in a high humidity environment, solid board could be useful for some fruit and vegetables products. Because of the mass between 500 and 1000 g/m2 this can be suitable for meat boxes as well.


A packaging code for each packaging; it works like this:
Each type of De Jong Packaging has its own packaging code, or item number. It starts with FC, e.g. FC20188. The packaging code always contains a code for the dimensions, which indicates the length, width and height of the packaging (e.g. 64.150).

This works as follows:
The first part of the dimensions – 32, 43, 53 and 64 – signify one of the five standard dimensions of the bottom surface area of the packaging. The first number is the length in centimetres, the second number is the width in centimetres. This means that a 32 is a box with a length of (3) 30 centimetres and a width of (2) 20 centimetres. This means that a 43 is a box with a length of (4) 40 centimetres and a width of (3) 30 centimetres, etc. The second number in the dimensions, behind the period, indicates the height of the box. A .100 is a foldable or box with a height of 100 millimetres. A .150 is 150 millimetres high, etc.

Three basic carrying systems.
Our basic product range contains three basic carrying systems:

  • P84. A box with folded short sides that is stacked on the corners. This packaging is mostly used for the packaging of fruit.
  • Column. A box with 4 raised corners. Every next box is stacked on the corners/columns.
  • Erected trays. A box with 2 strips along the top of the short sides. Every next box is stacked on top of this. The platform is also an erected tray. This is commonly used for trays, because no space is lost inside the box itself. That is why it is commonly referred to as a tray box.

Many different systems are possible for the foldables and boxes. The same applies to packaging, transporting and storage of your fruit, vegetable and horticultural products. Many variations are possible, from dry to warm situations to cold and humid conditions. De Jong Verpakking will gladly assist you in choosing the right systems for packaging your products.