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Prominent testimonial

With the high diversity of tomatoes being grown at Prominent, there also is a demand in a variety of corrugated cardboard packaging. Prominent has chosen De Jong Packaging due to the fast switching ability De Jong offers. This gives Prominent the chance to switch packaging fast  when this is requested by our customers. With the considerable growing area Prominent has in the region Westland in the Netherlands the logistics are relatively easy as they are nearby. Last but not least, the price to quality ratio, perhaps the most important criteria, is on point.

About Prominent: Prominent is an innovative specialist in tomatoes. It is our passion to let every type of consumer enjoy our healthy and tasteful products on a daily basis. The products are cultivated by our own growers; leading producers of top of the line tomatoes.

Our organization exists of three of our own production companies and 29 associated growers with a total of 360 acres of tomatoes. The two  packing centers, Prominent De Lier and Prominent Maasland pack 60 million kilos of tomatoes each year with full-automatic machines for the largest supermarket chains in Europe.


Mariëlle van den Berg, Prominent