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Weerstand Foods

In the center of the biggest fishing village of Europe, on Urk, they process many containers of fish every day. Although the port of Urk doesn’t host many fishing ships, it is still the place to be when it is about fish. Even know the industry is expanding and investing in this place, so Urk won’t loose the leading position it currently has.

One of the biggest companies in the fishing industry on Urk is Weerstand Foods. They process different kind of fish, and the Norway lobsters are the main ones. Weerstand buys the fish, processes it and sells it throughout Europe. A minor part of the fish will be transported in the known plastic crates, but the biggest part will be transported in corrugated boxes. Those boxes can be plain, but can be printed with the name of the customer on it as well. For those customers wishing very nice printed boxes, Weerstand and De Jong Verpakking offer boxes in preprint. This print which looks like photos gives the boxes extra attention.

Fast deliveries

In 2012 the cooperation with De Jong Verpakking started. De Jong Verpakking started with the first fefco 0201 boxes in 2011 after installing the first casemakers and convinced Weerstand to work with the fast reliable corrugated manufacturer. As the buyer Johannes van Slooten says: “De Jong Verpakking always can deliver very fast and their service is excellent. If we have an issue, they can deliver our boxes in a few days. Normally they deliver in 5 to 10 working days, but if needed they can do even faster.” Next to this the relationship with account manager Kees Zwarthoed is good. He was the contact in 2012 and still is in 2019. That is why Kees knows what the wishes and demands of Weerstand are and you don’t need to explain it to new people.

The frozen fish will be packed in bags and they go in the boxes. During the tour in the corrugated factory of De Jong Verpakking in 2017 Johannes was surprised by the scale and automation. But the production facility of Weerstand with multiple halls, machines and many employees is impressive too.

About Weerstand Foods:

Weerstand Foods BV is one of the biggest fishing companies in Urk. Since October 2017 it is part of Seafood Connection, that is part of the Japanese company Maruha Nichiro. With 150 employees the company delivers North Sea products, Aquaculture, Freshwater fish, Crustaceans and Shellfish and other fish and fish products. Everything happens in the facility in Urk, sorting, filleting, freezing and packing in the quantities and packaging needed. The fish products are being sold under the own brands or private label. In a short period the company invested to be able to offer a wide range of products and this is the main reason why the company can continue to grow.


Johannes van Slooten