Building on our future

The planning

From September 2020, De Jong Packaging will be building the future here. The demolition of the old Hall-D started in September 2020. In June 2021, the first pillar was driven by Henk de Jong an his grandson Sem van Eikeren. The work will be completed around the end off 2022. And in the beginning of 2023 the factory will be fully operational.

Sustainable construction

The new building will be built with an eye for the environment. Besides the fact that the appearance will change from a car park for trucks to a state of the art production location, there will also be a lot of attention for sustainability. The construction itself will be carried out with many sustainable materials, but also after completion this will be one of the most sustainable buildings in the area.

Video’s of the construction

This new factory is a special building. The new production location will deliver De Jong Packaging an approximately 95.000m2 of new working space divided over 2 floors. Special features of the building are the parking deck and the fully automatic paper storage. Because there is so much to tell, we leave that to the specialistes. Below you will find several video’s in which we will give you as many updates as possible and will cover all the aspects of the construction.

De Jong Packaging

What started as one man’s dream in 1996 has grown into an international business. With more than 750 employees, we are ready day in, day out.