Corrugated board producer De Jong Packaging from De Lier in The Netherlands is expanding its location. In order to meet the growing demand for corrugated cardboard packaging, De Jong Packaging, together with real estate company WDP, is building a new multilayer distribution center with storage and production space.

Ready in 2022

Demolition and new construction work on the Westerlee industrial estate has been underway for some time. June 2021 we drove the first pile. It is expected to be completed in 2022.


The new building will be built with an eye for the environment. Besides the fact that the appearance will change from a car park for trucks to a state of the art production location, there will also be a lot of attention for sustainability. The construction itself will be carried out with many sustainable materials, but also after completion this will be one of the most sustainable buildings in the area.

Future De Jong

Future in corrugated

In recent months, major steps have already been taken in the growth of De Jong Packaging. Following the acquisitions of Bangma Verpakking and eCorrugated, a large new storage hall has been opened in Den Hoorn. This new building will also contribute to the growth of De Jong Packaging. Because corrugated cardboard is an ideal and sustainable way to send parcels, the demand for corrugated cardboard is rising. In 2022, the largest corrugated board factory in Europe will be located in De Lier.

Vlogs about construction works

We will keep you updated about the progress with our vlogs. Here you can find them.

Update 10: What’s going on inside the building

Update 9: We are working above the ground

Update 8: Timelapse 2021

Vlog 7: Construction update with WDP

Vlog 6: Interview with Pepers Architects

Vlog 5: Summer update with Willy Naessens

Vlog 4: First pile

Vlog 3: Interview with Henk de Jong

Vlog 2: Demolishing old storage hall

Film: This is how it will look like when finished

Vlog 1: Start construction works

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