Sustainable packaging

In the UK we use more and more packaging. These are not just the packaging that we receive when we order something online. The modern consumers also want more and more food packaged individually. We find it easy when we can buy things per portion in the supermarket. Everything used to be better is partly true. We needed much less packaging, but also had less convenience. Packaging is therefore necessary for various reasons, but there are major differences between the different types of packaging when it comes to sustainability. You can certainly make a sustainable choice when it comes to packaging. We will help you with that on this page.

Sustainable cardboard

Corrugated cardboard packaging is known as sustainable packaging, but cannot be used for all applications. For example, liquids cannot be poured into a corrugated box, because then it will leak. There are a number of important things that you should know before you choose sustainable packaging.



Sustainable FSC® paper

Has the choice been made for a sustainable corrugated cardboard box? Then it is good to know that all paper at De Jong Packaging is FSC® certified. This means that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. Also, more than 80% of our paper that we use in production is recycled paper. In the UK we have a well-functioning collection system, which means we can recycle paper properly. However, paper cannot be recycled indefinitely and therefore a proportion of virgin fibers will always have to be used. Not all paper that comes onto the market is recycled again. Toilet paper and books will not end up with the old paper. To make a sustainable product, it is therefore important that as much paper as possible is collected sustainably and that it does not end up with residual waste.


Customer-specific packaging

When you send products, you naturally want to send as little air as possible. Packaging that is too large is an annoyance for many consumers and is not sustainable. It is much better to have fit-to-size packaging in which the product fits exactly. This reduces the consumption of raw materials, but also makes transport a lot more efficient. At De Jong Verpakking we make almost all packaging customer-specific and can therefore make exactly what you need. The big advantage of this is that you can also print the packaging with your own logo. This looks better and ensures recognisability in the logistics process.

Paper pulp

Sustainable cardboard production

In our production process, a lot of thought is also given to sustainable production. That starts with our installation of solar panels on the roofs. Furthermore, all lighting has been replaced by LED lighting and we use electric forklifts where possible. Many forklifts have also been replaced by conveyor belts, which also provides more safety. In transport, almost all our trucks are equipped with Euro 6 engines, which means we are certified by Ecostars with the maximum score of 5 stars.

Recyclable packaging

Packaging that you order from De Jong Verpakking is therefore 100% recyclable, 100% made from renewable raw materials and 100% made from natural raw materials. As a result, corrugated cardboard packaging fits very well into the circular economy and is sustainable packaging.