Do you want your corrugated packaging with your own logo? Or do you have your own design or image for your tray or box? With De Jong Verpakking we have many options for your printed box.

We use preprinted paper for preprinting. We can deliver razor-sharp images in 8 colors and then provided with a layer of varnish. Postprint offers a choice of up to 5 colors. It goes without saying that we also supply unprinted corrugated cardboard packaging in brown and white.


The fact that packaging is becoming more and more important for consumers is evident from all the unboxing videos that you can find online. Unpacking a box becomes quite an experience and then you want your packaging to look good. Printed packaging also offers even more advantages. A striking packaging ensures that the product stands out and is therefore also bought faster. In addition, it is the perfect way of recognizability, branding and to get on top of mind. Eye-catching packaging provides distinctive character and strengthens the brand. However, not all corrugated board packaging will be used in the consumer market. A print can also be very practical and only contain a product code or bar code.

Advantages of De Jong Packaging:

  • Printed or plain packaging
  • Pre print or post print
  • Your own beautiful design on packaging