Ecommerce packaging

Where do you need to be for sustainable and reliable e-commerce packaging? At De Jong Packaging, of course! Our company is a supplier and manufacturer of corrugated boxes. Most of the packaging we order online arrive at our homes in a corrugated box. Corrugated boxes are a sustainable solutions for sending your products. Your webshop needs to get those boxes from a box supplier and that is where De Jong Packaging can help.

E-commerce packaging: the perfect packaging for perfect products

Every product deserves perfect packaging. If you have to transport your products, you don’t want them to be damaged. Therefore, you need sturdy boxes you can rely on. De Jong Packaging is the supplier you should contact in case you need e commerce packaging. Our company makes corrugated boxes for the international market. We do deliver our boxes in The Netherlands, but also serve clients in other European countries (such as Belgium, UK, Germany and Ireland). De Jong Packaging is always prepared to make a save and inexpensive transport of your products possible.

Our large storage area

Have you ordered e-commerce packaging, but don’t you have a storage area? No worries. De Jong Packaging can keep your packaging in its own storage area, which is 100.000m2. Just give us a sign when you need your packaging and we will deliver it within 24 hours. Are you wondering what De Jong Packaging can do for you? Please contact us.