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Fresh produce corrugated cardboard boxes from De Jong Verpakking

Are you looking for corrugated boxes? De Jong Packaging specializes in corrugated cardboard. You can come to us for ready-to-use corrugated cardboard boxes, such as boxes with lids, erected trays and fruit boxes in all shapes and sizes. Do you prefer custom corrugated cardboard boxes? That too is possible. We are happy to think along about the best solution for your product.

Order corrugated cardboard boxes at De Jong Verpakking

You can order corrugated cardboard boxes quickly and easily from De Jong Verpakking, because:

  • We deliver within 24 hours, even on weekends
  • We have 30 million items in stock
  • We deliver blanks and erected trays
  • We have own production and logistics
Fresh Produce

Our fresh produce packaging

Product group


Length x width

  • 60x40 cm
  • 40x30 cm
  • 30x20 cm
  • 50x30 cm


  • 6 cm
  • 6,5 cm
  • 7 cm
  • 8 cm
  • 9 cm
  • All options
  • 9,5 cm
  • 10 cm
  • 10,5 cm
  • 11 cm
  • 12 cm
  • 12,5 cm
  • 12,7 cm
  • 13 cm
  • 13,5 cm
  • 14 cm
  • 14,5 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 15,5 cm
  • 16 cm
  • 16,5 cm
  • 17 cm
  • 17,5 cm
  • 18 cm
  • 18,5 cm
  • 19 cm
  • 19,3 cm
  • 19,5 cm
  • 20 cm
  • 20,5 cm
  • 21 cm
  • 22 cm
  • 23 cm
  • 24 cm
  • 27 cm


  • black
  • white
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green
  • All options
  • red


  • Ja
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Corrugated cardboard types

Corrugated boxes come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are corrugated packaging with a single flute. This box is ideal for shipping or storage of products with a low weight. But also double corrugated cardboard boxes, which are suitable for heavier products or products that are fragile, such as tomatoes, avocados or soft fruits. That’s why we make boxes in different board grades. Every product needs his own box or tray. There is also a difference in the thickness of the corrugated cardboard. We ensure the highest quality and the best solution for your product and wishes.

Sustainable cardboard from FSC® paper

The use of sustainable cardboard is our top priority. Our corrugated packaging boxes are made from sustainable paper. We use FSC® paper as raw material in the production of our corrugated boxes. The FSC quality mark for paper stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This is an international organization involved in forest management around the world, promoting the trade in timber and timber products produced in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. Corrugated cardboard is easily recyclable and lightweight, which means that less fuel is used during transport. We have also taken many environmental-saving measures in our cardboard factory.