Tray erecting service

You don’t have enough space or capacity to have your own tray erecting machine? De Jong Verpakking does have the solution: We can erect the trays in our tray erecting centers and deliver the trays to you. If we have the sheets in stock, we can erect them in 24 hours in one of our erecting centers. We can do this with corrugated and solid board.

Your packaging is always available, even without a tray erecting machine.

You just have to send over your order. After that we will process your order and start erecting the trays. Erected trays will be stacked on pallets, so we can deliver them just-in-time. Our fast delivery makes sure you always can pack your products, even without your own erecting machines.

  • No own tray erecting machine? De Jong Verpakking offers you the solution
  • Erect, glue and stacking of your trays
  • The fastest way from sheet to tray