Own tray erecting machine

The purchase of a tray forming machine brings many advantages to your company. In this way, the costs of your company will decrease in the long term and productivity will increase. De Jong Packaging can deliver these tray forming machines to you.

The usage of the tray forming machine?

With this machine you can have the cardboard blanks folded into boxes of the desired size. The boxes that can be set up are mainly boxes aimed at the fruit and vegetable market. We also set up all our corrugated cardboard fruit and vegetable boxes ourselves using these tray erecting machines.


The tray forming machines

All of our tray forming machines are from the top brand Boix. This brand has more than 45 years’ of experience., which allows them to supply the best machines. De Jong Packaging has close contact and good experiences with Boix and would like to share this with you.

How do the tray forming machines work?

This machine will glue, fold and stack the cardboard into the correct box. A clear example of this can be seen in the video below. This tray forming machine is very easy to use and also only needs one worker to operate.

Service and maintenance

At De Jong Packaging we know a lot about these tray forming machines. This allows us to offer the best technicians so that your machine continues to function at its best. We also offer periodic maintenance. This gives you the least chance of problems with your machine.

Buy, rent or lease a machine?

At De Jong Packaging you can order your tray forming machines for your own use. But besides buying, there are also other options to meet your ideal situation. You can also rent or lease the machines from us. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you.


If are you convinced you can contact this number: +44 1732608007 or mail info@dejongverpakking.com