Sturdy cardboard boxes

Strong corrugated boxes for food and non food industry, e-commerce and fresh produce

Strong cardboard boxes are very popular at De Jong Packaging. That is why we have a wide range of sturdy packaging for industry, e-commerce and fresh produce. We have a part of this in stock as standard, so that you can receive it within 24 hours. But if we don’t have these in stock, we can produce them in our own corrugated factory. This way you get strong custom boxes that are specially made for you and that are also delivered quickly.

Fresh produce packaging

Our range of heavy duty cardboard boxes consists of various trays for fruit and vegetable products. For example, we have corrugated cardboard packaging that can carry 25 kg of oranges. With these strong trays you can stack the oranges, but of course also tomatoes, peppers, mangoes or other products, truck-high and transport them safely from the DC to the customer.

Different types of shipping boxes

For the food and non food industry we make the heavy duty cardboard packaging for, for example, manufacturers of nails and horseshoes, but also manufacturers of car parts, foil or frozen products and web shops for flowers use our sturdy boxes. This shows that there is a corrugated board solution for every product. The best-known type of boxes are American folding boxes, also known as Fefco 0201. These are the standard boxes with flaps at the top and bottom that you have to tape shut. But in addition to the folding box, we produce many other constructions that suit your product and the application for which it is used.

Single and double flute boxes

In the corrugated board industry, we make cardboard with the well-known flutes. You can choose a single-flute box or double-flute boxes. Why do we use that flute? The flute ensures the strength of the box and therefore less paper and therefore fewer raw materials are needed. You can compare this with a tube or a column. These are much stronger than a plank or straight piece of paper. By stacking boxes with this wave, you can therefore stack boxes on top of each other without them collapsing.

In the corrugated board industry, we use letters to indicate the thickness of the corrugation. At De Jong Packaging we make the cardboard in our corrugated board factory in an E, B and C flute and we can also combine these flutes into a double flute. A thicker flute provides more strength, but also uses more paper and of course a little more space. An E flute is 2.5mm thick, a B flute is 3mm thick and a C flute is 4mm thick. When you combine this, a BC flute becomes 7mm thick. If you are looking at a corrugated box yourself, you can look inside the box from the side. With an extra heavy duty box with a double flute, you will therefore see 2 different flutes. In between there is another layer of paper and it is called the middle sheet. Together with the inner layer and outer layer, we have 5 layers of paper. In a single flute, there is only an inner and outer layer and only one flute.

Stacking boxes

If you are going to stack boxes, it is of course important that the stack of boxes does not fall over. Many companies stack boxes on a pallet to send to their customers. In addition to the use of heavy duty cardboard boxes, there are other solutions to safely send the pallet to the customer. For example, it helps a lot if you stack the boxes in columns instead of brick stack them. That means that it is better to stack all the boxes straight on top of each other with all the corners straight above each other. Due to the technical properties of cardboard, this is the strongest option. Because this makes the pallet less stable, it is often useful to use wrapping foil or corner slats. This way the boxes stay neatly on top of each other.

If you are going to stack the boxes in the warehouse for storage and they will remain there for a longer period of time, it is important that you use strong boxes. You don’t want the stacks of boxes to collapse. So ask us for advice, so that we ensure that you receive the right sturdy boxes.

Do you have strong shipping boxes?

Due to the large increase in e-commerce and the large share of cardboard boxes in this market, the demand for heavy duty shipping boxes is very logical. These boxes are not neatly stacked on a pallet, but have to endure a lot in their journey to the customer. You never know whether your package is on the bottom or on top of the delivery van. In all cases you want the product to arrive nicely and then a strong cardboard shipping box is needed. This can be done by using fefco 0201 boxes, but you also see many other constructions in e-commerce. If many of the same products are sent, you can even develop a box that fits your product perfectly. This way you send almost no air and it is also well protected. Our designers can provide you with advice for this. If you are sending small packages that fit through the letterbox, you can of course use letterbox boxes. This also saves you on shipping costs.

Sustainable boxes

De Jong Packaging packaging made from corrugated cardboard is 100% biobased, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. The cardboard is made from FSC® paper and over 80% of all the paper we use is recycled. Our factory is also a very sustainable factory. We try in many ways to ensure that our packaging, but also the production itself, is very sustainable. For example, we have the second largest solar park in the Westland, we reuse our heat, all our inks are water-based, we have the maximum Ecostars certification for our transport and we do a lot more to minimize our impact on the environment.

How strong should my cardboard boxes be?

Every day we make 2.5 million boxes in our cardboard factory in De Lier. As a result, we have a lot of knowledge about the specifications that are required in various applications. How strong your boxes should be depends on more than just the product you are going to transport. If you want to be sure that the product arrives properly, it is wise to contact us. We then have a number of questions and can then give good and appropriate advice. You can call us on +31 (0) 174 – 870 032, email us or use our contact form.

Buy sturdy cardboard boxes from De Jong Packaging

With us you buy sturdy cardboard boxes directly from the factory. The advantage of this is that you know that you are buying from the source. Our colleagues have a lot of knowledge about all the different options and can therefore give you the best advice. You can have our own packaging made from 3,000 sqm cardboard. How many boxes that are depends on the surface of the packaging. You can also have these packaging printed as you wish. Certainly for shipping boxes it is good advertising if the company logo is on the box. Do you want to order smaller quantities? Then you can use our standard range of fruit and vegetable trays or the Twinpack webshop.

Order boxes

Do you want to order sturdy cardboard boxes or do you have any questions about our products or services? Then you can of course contact us via +31 (0) 174 – 870 032, email us or use our contact form.