Successful shipping starts with the right webshop packaging

24 November 2023 The world of e-commerce is all about creating the perfect customer experience. From the moment of purchase to opening the package, each stage must be seamless to satisfy customers and encourage repeat purchases. An indispensable element within this experience is the shop's packaging material. Selecting the right webshop packaging can make the difference between an average transaction and a customer who not only remembers your brand, but recommends it. Here are five reasons why successful shipping starts with carefully chosen web shop packaging materials.

1. First impressions are lasting

The saying “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” also applies to online shopping. For many customers, packaging is the first tangible contact they have with your brand. Attractive, professional packaging materials inspire confidence and demonstrate the care you take in every aspect of your product and service. Therefore, invest in packaging that reflects your brand’s values and leaves a positive impression.

2. Product protection

One of the most important functions of packaging is to protect the product during transport. Nothing is more disappointing to a customer than receiving a damaged item. Proper webshop packaging provides adequate protection against bumps, shocks and other potential hazards during the shipping process. This not only prevents damage to the product, but it also shows the care and attention to detail you put into your products.
Cardboard webshop boxes are an excellent choice for protecting products, both for fragile items such as clothing, for example. Pockets run the risk of tearing more quickly, which can damage clothing. Folding gluing is a widely used technique to significantly increase the strength of cardboard boxes, providing optimal protection for the contents.

3. Unboxing experience

In the world of social media, the “unboxing experience” has become a phenomenon. People enjoy sharing their special moments when unwrapping a package on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. By being inventive with your webshop packaging and creating an unforgettable unboxing experience, you increase the likelihood that customers will share their purchase and recommend your brand to their followers.

4. Environmental Awareness

There is increasing awareness around the environment, including within the world of online shopping. It is increasingly appreciated when companies make a real effort to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging materials. So, why not choose sustainable and recyclable cardboard boxes for your webshop and communicate this clearly to your customers? Eco-friendly packaging not only shows your commitment to sustainability, it can be decisive.

5. Efficient logistics

Effective packaging for your online store not only benefits the customer, but also your company. Choosing carefully the right size and weight of packaging can not only reduce shipping costs but also optimize logistics processes. By making smart choices in packaging materials, you contribute to a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly shipping process. Considering custom-made webshop boxes is also a wise move. These boxes can be customized to the specific dimensions of the product, eliminating unnecessary space. . This reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

The right webshop boxes at De Jong Verpakking

At De Jong Verpakking we realize how important it is to have the right packaging material for your webshop We are ready to help you realize the perfect cardboard boxes for your webshop. Thanks to our customization options, we can create any size while giving your brand a visual boost. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your options.

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