Do you want to contact one of the best packaging companies, which finds innovation very important and uses the method called ‘performance packaging’ in order to produce high-quality corrugated boxes? In that case you should meet De Jong Packaging. We were established as a small company in 1995, by Henk de Jong, who needed solid boxes to transport his fruits and vegetables carefully. Nowadays, De Jong Packaging is a manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes with which we serve the international market. How can we serve you? We would like to hear that!

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One of the best packaging companies, based in The Netherlands

De Jong Packaging, based in The Netherlands, can be considered as one of the best packaging companies that produces its boxes in-house, thanks to its own production department. We find packaging innovation very important, since we always strive for improvement regarding the boxes we manufacture. At the moment, we use a technique called performance packaging. Performance packaging makes it possible to manufacture boxes of a perfect weight. It prevents over or under packaging, which means that materials and costs will not be wasted. Another benefit of performance packaging is that it increases the productivity of the production process.

Packaging innovation as important as personal contact

De Jong Packaging is one of these packaging companies that finds innovation as important as maintaining personal contact with our customers. We always take the questions of our clients serious and always strive for the best solution. Moreover, ‘no’ is an uncommon word at our company. We make sure that we meet the needs of our customers by producing boxes with which they can transport their products safely.

Printed and unprinted boxes

De Jong Packaging makes both printed and unprinted boxes. For which type do you have a preference? Let us know, by calling +31(0) 186 573 990. We are looking forward to your request.

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