Bag in Box

A Bag in Box is a box of corrugated cardboard with a bag on the inside. That makes this type of box extremely suitable for transporting foodstuffs such as dairy, wine and fluid egg, but also for chemical products such as motor oil. The Bag in Box is much more efficient in storage and transport, because it can be stacked without loss of space. De Jong Packaging offers several Bag in Box solutions.

Wine and Beer Bag in Box

A wine and beer Bag in Box is perfect for transporting liquids. Bag in Box boxes have a number of special properties. Of course it must be possible to drain the liquid from the bag in box. There is a special perforation for this. This allows the tap to go out. These liquids also have a much longer shelf life than liquids in a bottle. Because you do not want a bag to tear, we can glue it on the outside. There are no sharp edges on the inside of the Bag in Box. In addition to beer and wine, a Bag in Box is of course also suitable for other liquids.

De Jong Packaging makes the Bag in Box in many different dimensions and can produce it fit to size. For example, consider a Bag in Box 5 litres, but also a Bag in Box 100 litres. We use strong types of corrugated cardboard for this, so that these packages will not collapse or bulge. Printing your packaging is something we are happy to do for you. Your packaging is a business card of the company and must of course always look neat.

Bag in box met bedrukking

Buy Bag in Box at De Jong Packaging

Buying a Bag in Box from De Jong Packaging entails several advantages, namely:

  • Available in any desired format;
  • Delivered printed or unprinted;
  • Using strong corrugated cardboard;
  • Fast deliveries;
  • Longer shelf life of your products;
  • More efficient transport and storage;
  • A lot of experience with the production of a Bag in Box;
  • Let us know your wishes.

Buying a Bag in Box is done with confidence at De Jong Packaging. Do the standard sizes offer the solution for transport and storage of your liquids? Or do you have specific sizes in mind? In our production department, consisting of storage, corrugators and processing machines, we realize your boxes. As a result, we have become a specialist in the production of double flute cardboard types. These double flute cardboard types with an EB or BC flute ensure that you can stack the Bag in Box boxes to a higher height. Our experience can help you make the right decision in the choice of packaging.

A fast delivery of your Bag in Box for food and non-food is guaranteed

As a supplier of fresh products, you must be able to pack at any time. That is why we deliver orders throughout the Netherlands and far beyond, such as France, Ireland, Germany, England and Belgium, 6 days a week from early in the morning until late at night. Within the Netherlands we can even deliver from stock within 24 hours. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? If you have questions about Bag in Box boxes for dairy, wine, oils and other products? Please contact us via telephone number +31 (0)174 219 471 or