Food package supplier

Are you looking for an international food packaging supplier? De Jong Packaging might be the company you are looking for. This food packaging supplier was established in 1996 by Henk de Jong who is still the owner of the company. Henk was a grower that was in need of suitable packaging that would protect his fruits and vegetables during transport. He decided to start producing cardboard packaging by himself. Nowadays, De Jong Packaging is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of food packaging, with which the company serves the international market. Every day we deliver 2,5 million boxes to our customers.

custom cardboard

Food packaging supplier for in-house manufactured boxes

De Jong Packaging is more than just a food packaging supplier, since we manufacture all our boxes in-house. We produce both printed and unprinted boxes, which is made possible by our wide range of machinery. Moreover, our packaging is FSC® certificated, 100% recyclable and sustainable. We deliver 120 standard types of fresh produce packaging, but we are able to supply the required tray and box erectors as well. De Jong Packaging rarely says ‘no’, so special requests are always welcome. We think that your products deserve perfect packaging and the food packaging supplier is more than willing to produce the boxes and trays for you. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us.