Construction works at De Jong Verpakking

14 March 2019 The market for corrugated packaging holds a steady growth and that is the same for De Jong Packaging. To keep the factory growing, many construction works are taking place right now. The last few months two new flatbed machines were installed and currently we are working on automation in our factory.


Multiple companies are working in the corrugated plant of De Jong Packaging in De Lier, The Netherlands. The last months they worked on foundation, new concrete floors, a new transport system including shuttles, new walkways over the machines and in the warehouse and construction of new sprinkler systems. Ad Smit, CEO of De Jong Packaging explains: “These construction works make sure we increase the safety precautionary measures in our corrugated factory. Next to this we will increase the speed and capacity in our factory.” Demand for corrugated boxes for fresh produce, industry and horticulture keeps growing and with those investments De Jong Packaging makes sure to serve their customers even better.

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