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Our strength

Started as a packaging customer a long time ago, De Jong Verpakking now is the only independent corrugated manufacturer in the Netherlands. We design, run production and deliver all our corrugated trays ourselves. Because of our history, we know what a customer wants and what they expect of their corrugated packaging. De Jong Verpakking is the fastest reliable corrugated manufacturer.


De Jong Verpakking delivers the boxes according to the highest quality levels. The board grade is based on the strength which fits the purpose of the box or tray. That way, you are always sure about the right papers. Our factory is BRC certified and our papers are FSC certified. During the production process, our trained employees check your box on different stages.


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility is very important in our organization. Everything we do, we feel responsible to our environment. Corrugated is completely biobased and biodegradable. About 95% of the papers we use is FSC certified (CU-CoC-818959). In our logistics we plan everything carefully with deliveries and supplies, so we prevent driving with empty kilometers. Almost all our trucks have Euro 6 engines, which resulted in a 4 star ranking for Ecostars 2017. Our factory runs on renewable energy, where we help with our 30.000m2 of solar panels. Next to that we use the residual heat of our compressors and we replaced our LPG forklifts by electrical, if possible. In our factory we changed lighting to LED and collect all our waste.


At De Jong Verpakking we are busy with development of new materials and new products. We are constantly searching for the use of lighter and stronger materials, so we can save on raw materials and transport, because of the use of less space and weight.

Machine park

De Jong Verpakking is the only independent corrugated manufacturer in the Netherlands. We have two corrugators and 15 processing machines. On those machines we print, cut and glue all different kind of trays and boxes on our flatbed and rotating machines. We are a specialist in the use of preprint that has a very high quality of print.