Cardboard boxes supplier

De Jong Packaging is the cardboard boxes supplier and manufacturer you are looking for; we can make and deliver the cardboard box you need for the transport of your products. Our company was established in 1996 because of the need for corrugated board packaging for the transport of fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, De Jong Packaging can be considered as an international cardboard boxes manufacturer and supplier. Which cardboard boxes do you need? De Jong Packaging is more than happy to produce them for you.

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Cardboard boxes manufacturer and supplier for printed or unprinted boxes

A perfect product deserves perfect packaging, in our opinion. Of course, you want to transport your products safely and protect them from damaging during the transport. Cardboard boxes from a reliable and professional cardboard box manufacturer and supplier is what you need. De Jong Packaging produces both printed and unprinted corrugated board trays, that are recyclable, sustainable and FSC® certificated. We are able to deliver our boxes directly and indirectly, via traders. Since we produce our boxes all in-house, we can guarantee the high quality of our boxes.

Personal contact between our staff and customers

De Jong Packaging finds personal contact with its’ customers very important, especially when we have to resolve a question or request. We always find a way in which our customers can transport their products from a to b at any time, to any destination and in good conditions. De Jong Packaging is the cardboard box manufacturer and supplier you can rely on and you can always count on our high-quality boxes as well.


Order my cardboard boxes

In case you order cardboard boxes at De Jong Packaging, you can count on a fast delivery time. However, if you order boxes from a structurally large stock, you can expect a delivery within 24 hours. On our website, you can find examples of boxes we are able to produce. Do you have any questions about the production or delivery of our cardboard boxes? Do not hesitate and call +44 (0)1732 608007.