Printing folding boxes

Folding boxes

De Jong Verpakking’s folding boxes are mainly used to ship or store products. A wide variety of food, non-food and e-commerce customers use folding boxes. For example, do you want to send packs of rice, eggs, horseshoes or electronics? Then this is possible in the printed folding boxes of De Jong Packaging.

folding box

Printed folding boxes

We can also print the folding boxes that we produce in our own corrugated board factory. We can distinguish here between preprint and postprint. Preprint has the advantage that it can be printed with varnish up to 9 colours. Postprint can be printed in 4 colours, but in smaller runs. Depending on the purpose of the folding boxes, you can choose a nice print. If you do not want printed folding boxes, but prefer a brown or white plain folding box, that is of course also possible. Every day we make 2,5 million boxes, printed or plain.

storage box

Different sizes

Folding boxes are often made in the type Fefco 0201. That means they have large flaps at the top and bottom that you can close with tape. We can produce almost all dimensions and make all printed or plain folding boxes customer-specific. The advantage of this is that the folding boxes are specially produced for the product that has to be packed. With this you do not use too much material and you do not send air, so you send as efficient as possible.