RRP Packaging

RRP Packaging

SRP (shelf ready packaging) and RRP (retail ready packaging) are very easy in use and therefore very popular. With only one smooth movement retail employees can get the products from case to shelf. Do you know where you can order RRP packaging and SRP packaging? Order them at De Jong Packaging in order to make sure that you will buy boxes of high quality and get a customer-oriented service at the same time.

RRP packaging and SRP packaging with high-quality print

At De Jong Packaging, we produce both printed and unprinted boxes. In case you choose to let us manufacture printed packaging (RRP of SRP for example), we will produce representative boxes that present for brand and product in a suitable way. Therefore, we use the sharpest photographs available. Your product, the best product, deserves perfect packaging, in our opinion. De Jong Packaging is your partner for that kind of packaging.

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Benefits of SRP and RRP packaging

SRP and RRP packaging have several benefits. First of all, they realise a better customer perception, since they make the products better to find. This can also lead to higher sale rates of your product. Moreover, SRP and RRP packaging reduce storage space and transport costs since they optimise the supply chain. To conclude, these kinds of packaging are also considered as environmental friendly, because they are recyclable.

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Ordering RRP boxes?

Are you interested in our products, specifically in the SRP and RRP packaging we produce? Do not hesitate and call +44 (0)1732 608007 or use our contact form. We would like to hear your wishes regarding your boxes and also would like to tell what we can do for you.