Stackable boxes

De Jong Packaging is the absolute specialist in making corrugated stackable cardboard boxes and trays. Every year we make several hundred million pieces of stackable boxes and trays, serving many hundreds of customers at home and abroad! How can we help you?

Various options in the field of cardboard stacking boxes

You can choose from our standard range of cardboard stacking boxes. For example, we have standard corrugated cardboard stacking boxes made of cardboard or custom-made solid or corrugated cardboard stackable trays. In addition, if you wish, we can erect and glue your stackable tray on our many dozens of tray erecting machines. This way you can immediately start using the stackable container to pack your products! If you have erecting machines yourself, we will of course also supply the packaging flat as plano.

Benefit from strong cardboard stacking boxes

As the market leader in fresh produce packaging in the Benelux we focus on the production of cardboard stacking boxes. These packaging are made from sustainable corrugated cardboard that consists of 1 or 2 layers of cardboard. This provides you with the certainty that you can always transport and store the products safely. You also have the option to have the stackable cardboard boxes printed. We have a wide range of cardboard stacking boxes that are neutrally pre-printed. You can use these for many different products, both in the fresh produce and industry. We also have a large stock of stackable cardboard boxes from the major growers’ associations. So if you are looking for stackable packaging in the fresh produce, there is a good chance that we have it in stock. If we don’t have them on stock, we will be happy to make them for you.

CFQ standardisation

The new European wide Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) standard makes sure every corrugated and solid board tray is produced according strict requirements. De Jong Packaging helped the industry to set up a standard which meets the requirements the fresh produce trade needs. They are stackable, protect the products and can endure long distance transport. Holders of the CFQ certificate are tested on performance by accredited auditors and testing institutes. De Jong Packaging is proud to produce boxes according the CFQ standard.

Cardboard stacking box delivered quickly

When you order your cardboard stacking boxes from us, you benefit from a fast delivery. We make them within 5 days. We even deliver from stock within 24 hours. For more information about our stackable cardboard boxes or other products, please call +31 (0)186 573 990 or send an email to You can also fill in the online contact form and we will contact you shortly!